Cats tend to love their own space and their own environment, so have you considered allowing your cat to stay at home when you go away on holiday, urgent business or for any other reason you cannot be at home to take care of your beloved moggie?

Think of this service as an alternative to a cattery and rather than taking your cat to a strange place causing stress and anxiety for both you and your cat, I can attend to your cats needs at your home.

This normally takes the form of home visits to clear the litter tray, put out fresh water and food, and maybe spend some time with your cat for company. I can arrange with you the frequency and timing to suit your cats needs.

I has found this service is becoming more and more popular with the benefits of your cat staying in its own environment and eating its own food. Why not give me a call to discuss your specific needs.

(As a former UCPCA officer, David is fully certified and has undergone Police checks which can be provided if necessary.)
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