Daily exercise for your dog is absolutely vital for his or her health, fitness and general well-being.

Pet-Serve can walk your dog on a regular or now-and-again basis, normally over the lunchtime period. I can collect your dog before lunch and return it in the afternoon. The walk is normally done with a group of dogs which allows for the development or maintenance of good social skills that also helps you dogs well-being. They can enjoy their exercise and interaction in a safe environment under the watchful eyes of an experienced dog walker.

Over time, I have found this group walk has proven the best method of walking my clients dogs, from both the timing and social aspects of this arrangement. However, if this doesn't suit your diary or particular dogs needs, please speak to me for a more tailored service, I will be happy to help.

(As a former UCPCA officer, David is fully certified and has undergone Police checks which can be provided if necessary.)
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